Permanent Makeup

You can come to Flavour Visagie, located in Rotterdam, for various permanent makeup treatments. For example permanent eyeliner, permanent lip liner, and enhancement of the eyebrows.

More and more people turn to permanent makeup. It’s the most ideal way to look flawless every moment of the day. It’s also a great solution for people who have allergies to cosmetic products and for people who exercise a lot.

Our professional applies a special, skin-friendly pigmentated liquid into the skin using an ultra-thin needle. You can count on Flavour Visagie for providing you with professional treatment and perfect results.

Fleur Bakker has received her education in permanent makeup at Nouveau Contour, the leading brand in the permanent makeup industry.
Take a look at our Facebook page for examples of different types of permanent makeup looks, all created by Fleur Bakker.

Fleur Bakker has received her education at Nouveau Contour. She also regularly follows new training programs to ensure she stays up to date on all new permanent makeup developments.

Flavour Visagie works with the Nouveau Contour Intelligent. The Nouveau Contour products are known for their high quality and innovativity. The Intelligent is computer controlled, making it work accurately down to the fraction of a millimeter. Naturally, we work within the boundaries of the national requirements regarding hygiene, work conditions, and the environmental code. We use a new, sterile needle with every customer.

Thanks to our expertise and high-quality products you will be ensured of an excellent and professional permanent makeup treatment at Flavour Visagie.

Do you also want to experience the benefits of permanent makeup? Then our salon is the place to be.


Goed om te weten

  • Bij Flavour Visagie werken we met de pigmenten van L.I. Dit is een inmiddels wereldwijd bekend Amerikaans merk van pigmenten voor permanente make-up. Het merk bestaat sinds 1992. Li Pigmenten kan zich meten met de beste permanente make-up merken ter wereld. Er is nog nooit een allergische reactie geconstateerd. De pigmenten zijn veilig, keer op keer getest en goedgekeurd volgens de EU richtlijnen ResAP(2008)1, de GmbH laboratoria in Duitsland, de Nederlandse Voedsel en Waren Autoriteiten en de FDA in Amerika. De pigmenten zijn tevens Vegan.
  • Bij Flavour Visagie zijn wij GGD gekeurd en dus gecertificeerd om permanente make-up te zetten.


NOTE: All follow-up treatments should take place after at least 6 weeks and within 3 months.
Before making a PMU treatment appointment we require you to fill in this form and mail it to

Eyebrow shading / powder brows or hair stroking technique

  • 3 treatments
€395 ,-

Lower eyeliner “normal”

  • 2 treatments
€260 ,-

Upper eyeliner “normal”

  • 3 treatments
€350 ,-

Upper and lower eyeliner “normal”

  • 3 treatments
€ 395 ,-


  • 3 treatments
€ 395 ,-

permanent makeup touch up

Pricing is per treatment, after 1 to 3 years

Eyebrow touch up within 6 months €79
Eyebrow touch up within 2 years €149
Eyebrow touch up within 3 years €230
Upper or lower eyeliner touch up within 3 years €175
Upper and lower eyeliner touch up within 3 years €210
Possible extra required follow-up treatment on eyebrow, eyeliner or lipliner (within 3 months) (on touchup within 2 a 3 jaar) €47.50
Permanent make-up eyebrows including colouring and shape correction, made before by another permanent make-up professional. Free intake On request

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Before making a PMU treatment appointment we require you to fill in this form and mail it to

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