Spray Tan at Flavour Visagie

You can come to Flavour Visagie to get a spray tan. Get a beautiful sun-kissed complexion within 15 minutes. Spray tanning gives you a smooth and even tan safely and quickly. There’s no more need for tanning beds or hours of sunbathing. Spray tanning is the way to go for a quick, easy, safe, and beautiful tan.

Your spray tan appointment takes approximately 15 minutes. We use a special spray tanning device to mist a tanning lotion from the brand Vani-T. Your appointment will take place in a room which is equipped specifically for spray tanning.

We use spray tan products developed by the brand Vani-T. This is the only 100% natural self-tanning brand. Vani-T has been declared the best of the industry countless times by multiple fashion and beauty magazines. Vani-T is used worldwide by beauticians, models, and celebrities.


  • Spray tan is suitable for every skin condition
  • Spray tan is suitable for any possible pigmentation problems
  • Spray tan gives you a beautiful bronze glow
  • Spray tan will stay for at least 7 days
  • Spray tan covers up cellulitis, small veins, and stretchmarks


Flavour Visagie solely uses Vani-T products. Vani-T is the only 100% natural self-tanning brand with a completely biological formula.


Read about the precautions and aftercare instructions in additional information before your appointment.

Full body spray tan Face included €37.50
Upper body spray tan Face included
Face & cleavage spray tan €19.00
Legs spray tan €24.00

The main benefit of spray tanning is that you get a beautiful, smooth summer glow after only one session. Would you also like to have a gorgeous, natural-looking tan within only 15 minutes? Get in touch with our salon and book your appointment.

Read about the precautions and aftercare instructions before your appointment.


Before your spray tan

It is advisable to exfoliate and hydrate your body the night before your spray tan appointment. Don’t use any body lotions, facial creams, etc. the day of your appointment, and refrain from using deodorant. Schedule any other beauty treatment, such as hairdressers and shaving, at least one day before your spray tan appointment. It is recommended to schedule waxing treatments at least two days before your spray tan appointment to ensure there is no more wax residue on your skin. If desired, you can have your eyebrows plucked at Flavour Visagie before your appointment. You are allowed to wear makeup during your appointment such as lipstick and mascara.



During your spray tan


Misting the spray tan takes about 10 minutes. After that, it will take approximately 5 minutes for the spray tan to dry up. You may wear a dark bikini, be topless or be fully naked. The choice is yours. It will take about 4 to 8 hours after your appointment for the spray tan to fully develop. The development time depends on the chosen spray tan liquid.


After the spray tan

It is recommended to wear loose and dark clothing after your appointment, as well as flip-flops or other spacious shoes. Don’t forget to bring an umbrella if it rains. You cannot shower up to 3 to 8 hours after your appointment. Avoid wearing makeup the first few hours after your appointment, with lipstick and mascara as an exception. You cannot exercise up to 8 hours after your appointment, for your spray tan might get spotty if you start sweating.

Apply body lotion twice a day, but only start with this after your first shower. You could maintain the tan yourself with the self-tan cream or self-tan spray, recommended by Flavour Visagie. These products will help you enjoy your spray tan even longer. To avoid your spray tan to fade quickly we recommend refraining from bathing or swimming for too long. Carefully dab your skin dry after a shower, rather than rubbing. Only start exfoliating again if you want to get rid of the spray tan residue or if you would like to get a new spray tan. Use a scrubbing glove to make this process easier.

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