Eyebrow workshop

Would you like to learn how your eyebrows can give you a lifted, open look? During the eyebrow workshop at Flavour Visagie, we will teach you how to shape your eyebrows perfectly. Well-shaped eyebrows are crucial for your appearance and glance. You will learn how to maintain your eyebrows and what shape will suit your face and eyes best.

How do you decide what the right shape is? Which hairs can be plucked or how do you draw extra hairs? If you pluck too much, you could risk the hairs not growing back. Have you always been nervous about plucking your eyebrows, or do you barely have any eyebrow hair at all and don’t you have any clue how to work with that? Our makeup artists will teach you how to give yourself perfectly shaped, beautiful eyebrows. Our makeup artists have years of experience and great insight and they are eager to teach you all ins & outs about eyebrows during this workshop.

During this workshop the following techniques will be discussed:

  • The Anastasia method – This method is developed by Anastasia Soare, known for her Anastasia Beverly Hills makeup line. She originally is a Romanian architect and got well known in the USA for her perfect method for shaping eyebrows. Anastasia follows the bone structure and based on that she can determine the shape of the ideal eyebrows. She uses a simple method to determine 3 points of the eyebrow: The starting point, the arch of the eyebrow, and the end (or the tail) of the eyebrow.
  • Plucking and waxing – De visagiste van Flavour Visagie bepaald doormiddel van één van de Anastasia stencils de perfecte vorm voor jou. De keuze welke vorm je gaat gebruiken is afhankelijk van de natuurlijke vorm van jouw wenkbrauwen en de botstructuur van jouw gezicht. Om deze vorm te krijgen worden de haartjes buiten de vorm met wax en/of pincet weggehaald.
  • Drawing your eyebrows for the perfect resultsOnce your eyebrows are waxed and plucked they can be drawn and highlighted. This will enhance the shape and make your eyebrows look fuller and sharper. Using the right colours will accentuate lighter eyebrows more, giving you more expression and a brighter, lifted look.

Additional information

  • Makeup for all skin tones
  • Can be combined with a photoshoot
  • Appointment by consultation


Prices are per person. The duration of a workshop with multiple persons will differ from 90 minutes to 150 minutes, depending on the number of participants.

Workshop 1 person €62,50
  • ± 60 minutes
  • price per person
2 Or more persons €47,50
  • ± 60 – 90 minutes
  • price is per person

Tevens hebben wij online wenkbrauw trainingen verkrijgbaar, zie onze groothandel webshop of klik hier!

Possible for up to 50 persons | Prices include use of cleansing products, use of makeup products, tea/coffee/lemonade & a snack | Possible photoshoot in a studio nearby in Rotterdam, on request only.
If you would also like to learn shaping/contouring techniques, then an extra €27,50 per person will be charged.

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